Stop Press !!! ESA’s HERA Mission is go – Is this guy nuts or what ?!!


ESA’s Hera asteroid mission is go

Stop Press !!! Europe has spoken ! ESA’s HERA mission WILL go to the asteroid Didymos ! Today the project received its approval for funding. This mission is the Human Race’s first attempt to test on site our theories of planetary defence. It will test whether we can deflect a potentially Earth-impacting asteroid. Some day this just might save us or our grandchildren.

ESA HERA Mission

ESA HERA Mission

Brian May - ESA HERA Mission

ESA HERA Mission

Jeeeeez ! Just stumbled upon this stunning fragment on a fan site. Is this guy the nuts or what ?!! We’ll have the privilege of working with him again soon – once we get back in the saddle mid January for an audacious long haul around the world. This is Adam Lambert and thanks @adamlambert049 for the clip.


You know – I do sincerely wonder if, in the 7.7 Billion people on Planet Earth there is another voice quite like this. Yay ! I’m having an @adamlambert Adam Lambert evening !! Thanks to a fan account @adamlambert049 – thanks ! Wow – reeling from this totally live performance on the James Corden show. And … do you feel like you’re watching a huge orchestral rock show ? This stupendous sound is just a voice and a piano !!! Yeeeow.