A different way to look at Christmas Dinner


Sorry for posting a horrific picture. But there is a reason.

Of course to so many Brits this is a delicious Christmas treat, part of a tradition that they’ve enjoyed with their families since they were kids. That used to be me. Then one day I realised not only that this was a sad sight – a dead bird on a plate, with its feathers ripped out and scalded in the oven until it makes a rather dry and tasteless bit of flesh to eat in Christmas Day (or Thanksgiving if you’re in the USA). I used to eat it at the family gathering of the Old Folks but I never really thought much of it, to be honest. I ate it to be polite and being part of that tradition thing felt quite good. Well, traditions have a lot to answer for – and are not a good justification of cruelty and waste.

These poor animals – millions of them every year – never get to fly – in fact most of them can’t even walk, during their pathetic lives while they are obscenely fattened to be slaughtered to make money at the festive season. A few years ago I’d had enough. No more cruelty on my plate at Christmas.

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Here for a different way to look at Christmas dinner. This was us last year. We don’t bother with ‘replacing’ meat – it isn’t necessary for health, no matter what they tell you. My missis cooks fabulous veg, and to me this is what I look forward to at Christmas. My body feels better. And so does my conscience. We all make our own journeys in our own way – we’re all at different points along the line … but it’s made me really happy to see my own children heading the same way this Christmas. I’m not done. My journey is still in progress.

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner
“My dinner” by Brian
"My dinner" by Brian
“My dinner” by Brian

Cheers folks – and have a good Christmas season no matter how you enjoy it.


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