Every now and then – Definitely me – Who isn’t horrified?


Every now and then, while idly scrolling in the park, you come upon something that makes you go “WOW”. And you just have to press that “follow” button. VERY classy. 


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Well, this has been an eye-opener for me. I’m smiling quietly at all the “noooo” comments. I remember so clearly the same kind of derision being poured on Freddie when we started out as Queen. As soon as I see someone who can inspire such strong reactions – positive and negative – I’m sure this person is a star performer. But just carry on kicking, if you need to – perhaps it will make you feel better ! I think the rest of us will keep an open mind.


So nice ! Thanks  Jelena [@jelena_scribbles] – this is definitely me !

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Is there anybody out there who ISN’T horrified by this ? Isn’t it time we moved forward – and became worthy of calling ourselves humane ? If you want to know more, follow @earthlinged – who is doing great work putting issues like this in front of the public. Animals need us to fight for their rights. How about it ?

This needs to be talked about narrative

Out of the mouths of babes … comes truth. The comments are from Anne at Save Me – who sent me this clip. I have seen a very similar reaction recently in my own grandson who is 5. And I remember my own first reaction when I was told (reluctantly) I was eating a baby sheep. I carried on eating meat for a few years after that, feeling some pressure to “grow up big and strong” – and I’m still not the perfect vegan, but it’s probably been 50 years since I ate a piece of lamb. I would find that even more repulsive now. It seems many children get their natural respect for animals beaten out of them. Surely it’s time to change that ?


Three year-old kid explains