Then and now – Last night’s jollity – Wouldn’t it be a dream


Then and now … this time last year Bo Rhap was on your movie theatre screens – this year it’s on our Tellies. None of us had any idea it would smash every box office record around the world and bring happiness to so many. I haven’t posted this comparison before, so thanks Brilliant Musicians for bringing it up. It’s a wonderful endorsement of the meticulous work Rami and the team put into recreating the climax of the movie.

Note the kiss blown right at the end – who had noticed that before the film came out ?? Then and now. And 33 years ago, on that sunny Live Aid afternoon, who among us knew that those moments – those notes – at the old Wembley Stadium would live on and reach a new generation whose parents weren’t even around that day ?! And back further … in 1970 … well, it was all just a dream. It’s been an amazing journey. Thanks folks.


More highlights from last night’s jollity – including Grace the Hedgehog and the Save-Me team – saving wild animals in Surrey. Thanks for all the support, from us and all the foxes, deer, badgers, hedgehogs, mice, voles, bats, and so many kinds of birds that will benefit in the coming year from your contributions.

Bri and Grace thumbs up

Windlesham Christmas tree lit up

rian speaking at Windlesham lights switch on

Grace the Hedgehog - Windlesham Christmas lights switch on

Bri and Save Me team in pub - Windlesham Christmas lights switch on

Wouldn’t it be a dream if this man – this hero – this immigrant – the Polish man – was the one who finally reunited Britain ? Maybe he is the signal that it’s time to kick out Xenophobia, Isolationism, BREXIT, and all the lies that have dominated our media for the last three years ? Isn’t it time to remember that we, Britain, are a nation of foreigners ?!! That is our strength – and our pride. Anyone see the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ ? See what a poor immigrant can do for us all ? It’s time, folks. When you vote, remember that neither of the major parties offers you the Peace and Stability of a strong Britain allied to the most powerful alliance in the world – Europe.

London Bridge hero - Washington Post 1

Washington Post - 02

Bri – – with acknowledgements to the Washington