Ultimate comic genius


Bri and Ben Elton

Incredible !!! This man is the ultimate comic genius.

Ben Elton tonight [20 December 2019] in Sunny Stevenage was the funniest comedy show I’ve ever seen – EVER. Outrageous, devastatingly truthful, daring, he had us in the palm of his hand – highs, lows, gentle, rough, incisive yet compassionate. A tour de force – and at the age of 60, he reminded us all of how it should be done.

Ben Elton on stage

Here he is punching the air after 3 hours that went by in a flash. Just one man on a stage with NO set, NO production, NO lighting effects. That was all we needed. Pure content. Pure comedy, but much more than comedy. A deep and fearless analysis of the absurdity of life in 2019.

So glad I made the journey. So proud to know this man, and love him as a brother. Our journey together creating We Will Rock You the Rock Theatrical – which ran 12 Years at the Dominion and now strides the planet – was one of the great artistic experiences of my life. All Hail the Bard !!! Elton Rules and is 1,000 times smarter than those who would belittle his art. Read his new book for Christmas – Identity Crisis !!


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