Big Day – We are set !! Show No 1


Vegan breakfast

Vegan Breakfast for a Big Day ! You know, I think if I’d realised how easy Veganuary was going to be, I’d have done it earlier. I was under the impression I was going to be “giving things up”, but it seems to be an opportunity to eat more of the things I really love ! This hotel sends up a breakfast fit for a King – to which we add our own fresh-squeezed juice, home-made toast, and coffee. This followed my touring regime this morning – 35 minutes static biking, stretches, and the luxury of hot and cold plunge pools !


Vegan breakfast - parallel


Vegan breakfast - parallel

OK ! I’m ready to give it my all – first night in Korea, and first night of the BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY TOUR !!! See ya folks !!! Have a great day wherever you are.

What’s on the plate ? Baked cherry tomatoes, mixed fried mushrooms, hash brown potato cakes (amazing!) brown and white toast, olive oil, rosemary and thyme. And truly freshly squeezed Je-Ju oranges from the very kind fan who gave me them – thank you !!!

And we are … SET !! It’s a “Go” ! Show number 1 – SEOUL KOREA !!!

Testing - first show Sky Dome, Seoul 18012020

By the way, that’s Andy Bues – our Show Stage Manager – and if he says it’s Go, it’s Go ! And don’t talk to him about the Chaise Longue !!! … and by the way … THANKS for all your good luck messages – much appreciated.

And we are SET !! Show No 1 – SEOUL KOREA 18 Jan 2020

A wild party !!! Korea – Seoul – the GOCHEOK SKYDOME tonight. WOW !!! I honestly never experienced anything quite like that ! No pic or video can capture the extraordinary atmosphere of tonight’s opening show. You guys sang beautifully, reacted to every move we made, and gave us lots of big surprises !!! How did you do that ? Was it a Flash Mob phenomenon ?? The pink hearts ? The coloured lights ?? The amazing waves of movement – and most of all a warmth which will set the bar so high on this tour – what could top that ?!?!! Thank you thank you thank you – gam saham nida !! Let’s do it again tomorrow ! – erm – TODAY !!

Much love – Bri.

 Video from side of stage by MALLERS.

Brian May: Video from side stage Sky Dome 18 Jan 2020

Lost for words !! Thanks guys. First Night smashed !!!

Thanks folks for the pictures of me tonight – very useful for hair-check ! Ha ha ! Credits: k_ciel94, Rebecca Ryder, Jaime Ortiz Mangado, Sara Rugg, Pete Malandrone, original_td. Apologies if I missed anyone out – tell me !

Bri at Sky Dome 18 Jan 2020 by k_ciel94

Bri Sky Dome by Rebecca Ryde

Bri Sky Dome by Jaime Ortiz Mandago

Bri Sky Dome - possibly Sarah Rugg
Photo: Sarah Rugg?

Bri Sky Dome 18012020 by Pete Malandrone

Bri Sky Dome 18012020
Photo: original_td ?

Thanks for the wonderful gifts ! You’re all so kind. Wish I could thank every one of you in person. But I feel very loved – we all do. Love ya ! Bri 


Gifts - Parallel


Gifts - Cross-eyed

OK ! Sleep time !!! Good night folks