Out and about in Osaka


BRIAN MAY: Out and about in Osaka in search of vegan food

Out and about in Osaka – tell me what you see.

The Search for Vegan Ramen !

Well, to be clear, I’m really not a strict Vegan – I just prefer to eat a lot of Vegan food …but I think if I lived in Osaka I’d be eating Vegan every day. On our walkabout we saw lots of queues outside noodle bars, and I had a hankering for Ramen, but I wasn’t about to eat the flesh of a pig – that’s a horrific thought to me now – and I discovered that even the version without pork still had bits of dead chicken in the broth, so I wasn’t about to go there. So we sought out a Vegan Ramen bar, which was not too far away, and, boy, was it worth the search! I’ve honestly never in my life experienced such tasty noodles. I wish I had time to go back there tomorrow, but I hear there is a rock show going on in the Osaka Dome ? ?! I think I need to be there.

Please See Below if you want to see my chosen Ramen dish BEFORE I consumed it ! And if you want to go there and taste it for yourself. I recommend it ! Such a joy to eat cruelty free. And it’s very liberating not to have to pick through a menu to find acceptable dishes. Everything in the place is meat-free and dairy-free. Yummm !!!


Vegan Ramen

Osaka Vegan Ramen

Osaka Vegan Ramen