Korea, you gave us your hearts


Yellow heart by Hyundaicard

Dear folks, fans and friends in Korea,

– you gave us your hearts – and I will treasure them forever.

This is the screen image which gave us such a great surprise – looking out in ‘Somebody to Love” and seeing 20,000 of these hearts joyously waving about like poppies in a field was a moment I will never forget – it made me play that solo like never before !!!

We’re sad to leave you – hope we can see you again soon. Gam Saham Nida !!! Take care dear friends.

Thanks to Hyundaicard for the hearts, and — Thanks to Panjun Kim for organising flashlight event and superb singing of ‘39 !!! Now I can make coloured lights with my phone ! I will share ! And thanks to you all for making our visit SO special.

Ha ha ! Here’s the evidence ! All those swaying lights are the heart emblems – I just had to go out into that sea of poppies and give it my ALL ! Thanks – it was a privilege ! 

Korea – You gave us your hearts

And for me one last experience of Korea – very different. The quiet and beauty of an ancient Buddhist temple is a good place to say farewell. I hope I will be spared to come back someday. There is much to love about Korea.

Brian May: Quiet beauty of an ancient Buddhist temple 20 Jan 2020
– https://youtu.be/t93nMbjPeAY

Last memories of Korea … and, waving goodbye, it seems like we became very at home here.

Saying Farewell, Seoul

Culture section, Seoul newspaper

Waving goodbye, Seoul
Photo courtesy of Ric Libson and Stufush


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