Returning to Japan


Mount Fuji from the air

A thrill !!! Like a cherished old friend, FUJI-San – the perfect snowy cone of Mount Fuji, appeared beside us as we approached Tokyo this afternoon. I think I probably took my first hyperstereo of this beautiful volcano mountain about 45 years ago ! But the magic is still there. These days I like sharing this stuff. Do you notice anything odd about the clouds nestling around the base of the mountain ? I could try to explain later … but tell me what you think.


Mount Fuji from the air - parallel

Clouds from air - parallel

More clouds from the air - parallel


Mount Fuji from tthe air - cross-eyed

Clouds - cross-eyed

Very exciting returning to Japan. QUEEN’s relationship with the Japanese people has been extraordinary and enduring, and now enters yet another phase – post “Bohemian Rhapsody” the movie. Both in Korea and Japan, its success has been monumental, more than we could have dreamed. It’s given us a precious opportunity to make contact with a whole new generation of music fans, and I like to think that we can be a small part of global harmony and understanding. Our perspective as travellers of the world has made it abundantly clear to me that there are few things more important in the world than Peace. I pray that our leaders have not forgotten that.