River taxi – Catching Up – Firefight Australia


 A great way to travel to Australia’s flagship firefighting show ! Cruising under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge – and by river taxi to the ANZ STADIUM where we played just last night to an awesome crowd of rockin’ Aussies. Monumental team effort today – good luck to all the performers – and thanks to all who are supporting the crusade today.

Brian May: Sydney river taxi 16 Feb 2020

Bri and Alice Cooper - FireFight

Catching up with an old friend backstage at ANZ Stadium FireFight Australia. Alice is way beyond cool !

FireFight Australia tonight. AWESOME. I don’t think I’ve felt quite like that since Live Aid. Photo: Steve Price. Great job Steve. Many thanks.

FireFight AU by Steve Price

"FF Australia by Jared Leibowitz

FIREFIGHT AUSTRALIA – Sydney last night. Photos – 1, 2, 3, 4, Steve Price. 5, 6, Pete Malandrone.

Bri - FF Au - by Steve Price

Bri - FF Au - by Steve Price

"pix/20/IMG_0695_Bri_FFAU_bw_Steve_Price_03_690x678.jpg" alt=" Bri - FF Au by Steve Price

Bri - FF Au - by Steve Price

Brian May and Adam Lambert FF AU clip – 16 Feb 2020

Bri and Adam - FF Au - by Pete Malandrone


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