Sydney ! – Lovely art – If you wanna donate


Brian May: Sydney ANZ Olympic Stadium 15 Feb 2020

Sydney ! In the gorgeous ANZ Olympic Stadium. The quietest moment of the night ? Thanks for the love tonight, folks. 60,000 hearts beating as one. Lost for words right now, looking at this backstage video clip from Pete. And then a glance back at how it looked when we arrived – and sound-checked – earlier in the day. Amazing. And tomorrow – well, today – we return as part of the great benefit show for FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA !!!! See ya out there !!!

Thanks pals for your lovely art !!!

I’ll be thinking of this lovely chap on stage tonight. If you wanna donate to the animal rescue operation,

please see the link:

Brian May: Will be thinking of this lovely chap 16 Feb 2020

Bri and koala