Visiting time RSPCA Animal Hospital, Wacol, Brisbane



Visiting time ! A precious moment with Bear – an adorable rescued Koala – in the RSPCA Animal Hospital, Wacol, Brisbane. These people are doing an incredible job of caring for the survivors of the tragic Queensland fires. They need our support. More soon. Video capture by Sharon Ashley.

Brian May: Visiting time RSPCA Wacol Brisbane 14 Feb 2020

A quick resumé of a visit I was determined to make today in beautiful Queensland. Amazing. More later.

Bri and Koala pal

"Outside RSPCA Animal Hospital, Wacol, Brisbane 14 Feb 2020

Bri with Staff and koalas, RSPCA Animal Hospital, Wacol, Brisbane

Bri with RSPCA staff and koala

Koala in hiding

Bri coaxing koala out of hiding

Double koala cuddle

Bri and koala pal

Bri and koala pal - smiles

A fragment of the Channel 10 News First coverage today of my meeting with the wonderful RSPCA team.


And CLICK HERE to look at donating to help these people save the Koalas and other animals so hard hit by the fires, in addition to all the other threats to their lives. And thanks Pola Mielewczy.