They get bigger and bigger ! – Fun tonight


Good Grief ! They get bigger and bigger ! Things have taken a turn I never expected. Bit of a wind ? Perhaps that is tonight’s special challenge !

Well, time to give it our ALL !!! G’Day Adelaide Oval !!! Let’s rock !!!

Brian May: Adelaide Oval sweep 26 Feb 2020

Rough transcript:

“My God it does make you wonder. Kind of insane ! It’s a lot different from the Marquee Club. So here we are for the penultimate show in Australia. We’re still here.

[indistinct] for me as a cricket fan of course. Backstage, the view from behind our scrim which is at the side of the stage … won’t be there for the indoor shows.

Having a quick look at my world here for tonight – Pete’s world – and here trying to reach out to every single person. And this is our stuff. Moving around up stage – they look familiar. Looking across the stage, the sunscreen is down.”

Thanks Chiara.

Bri in black and white by Chiara Tomaini

Fun tonight at the Adelaide Oval ! Captured on my iPhone by Pete ! Thanks Pete ! And thanks all you amazing Adelaiders for all your encouragement tonight.

More fun at the Adelaide Oval tonight ! Here I’m doin’ my best Jimmy Page … the genius Zeppelin riff-maker is a constant inspiration. Vid by Pete on my trusty iPhone. Thanks folks for indulging us !!! It was windy – it was cold – but it was rockin’ !!! And some heart-felt wailin’ in the Heartbreak Hotel.

Brian May: Fun tonight at the Adelaide Oval by Pete 26 Feb 2020