At Breakfast… They’re gonna trap cats ?!!


The Advertiser

At breakfast, the morning after our collective celebration last night at the Oval, Adelaide. Nice front-page review in the local paper. Thanks guys. 

But what is catching my eye is the revolting headline that shares the front page. They’re gonna TRAP CATS ?!!


Cat Curfew

What miserable bastard thought that one up ? A law like this would give the worst elements of society Carte Blanche to abuse their neighbours’ pets. How absolutely vile. Well, we have miserable bastards back home too, always looking for ways to disrespect animals, as if they were ‘pests’. We fight them. Day in and day out. Fight this, dear friends in Adelaide – don’t let the brutal elements win. Cats have as much right to patrol the streets as humans. What are they gonna do next ? Put a curfew on birds in case they might poop on Mr. Precious’s garden ? I also note the lame attempt to try to pretend this is about protection of wild animals. It’s not. And do they really@think cats only scratch at night ? Jeez… !! ADELAIDE FOLKS ! Fight for the dignity of your non-human animal friends. Message your outrage to your MP’s and local councillors. Make sure this barbaric unworkable piece of nonsense gets laughed out of court.

Am I an interfering foreigner ? Yes. But this is part of a global fight that we must win.

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