‘Get Up’ Guitar Tutorial – Good Evening – #youarethechampions


Issy’s Get Up guitar tutorial

Issys ”Get Up’ guitar tutorial- Kings Daughters – 20 April 2020

Enjoy ! For the rest, you’ll have to tune in to KDTV !!! On YouTube – the official channel of Kings Daughters.

Good evening folks. Hope you are bearing up in the continued shadow of the ConronaVirus. Thank you Sarah Rugg for this lovely drawing. Amazing!

Bri by moonlight by Sarah Rugg

I guess I kinda burned myself out on the micro concerts and tracks I’ve been doing for other worthy causes, and I feel like I’ve been fighting a wave of dismay, this last couple of days, so I’ve been a little quiet. Hopefully I’ll be on it again soon. Right now I need to get my mojo back. But meanwhile, I do have something distinctly eyebrow-raising to share at 9pm London time tonight – ie in about 20 minutes.



AL, BM and RT WATC Lockdown Jam – 20 April 2020

Love to you all

– Bri

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