Tie Your Mother Down Microcon #12 – After a workout


Brian May: Tie Your Mother Down MicroCon #12 – 4 Apr 2020

Tie Your Mother Down – MicroCon #12 A riff for beginners !!

I discovered this riff on a volcanic ridge in Tenerife as a student living in an observatory hut. I could hear the words in my head “Tie Your Mother Down”. I remember that when Freddie first heard the riff, he liked it. I said “Of course we can’t call it Tie Your Mother Down.” He said … “Of course we can!” So then I wrote the rest of this song – about teenage angst !! I’m still a teenager inside, so this still makes perfect sense to me !!

Brian May: After a workout – 4 April 2020

Corrigendum !!! Kerry Ellis —- Bri —- yes ! This is what I look like after a work-out !!!

Cheers all !


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