Happy Birthday Kerry Ellis – Panic Attack – Kerry track


This clip is from Kerry’s second live in-house concert – a song I’m very proud of – not least because it deals with the feelings of panic that many of us are fighting off right now. IT’S GONNA BE ALL RIGHT – aka The Panic Attack Song – is from the album “Golden Days” and just might make you feel better ! Kerry is live at 6pm tonight doing Q&A – and her next live show is this coming Saturday – check her IG for details.

PANIC ATTACK – full length version

Kerry Ellis Panic Attack online concert with Brian May – 6 May 2020

My brain is fried today – tell you why later.

This is the track I did for Kerry Ellis for her last live IG concert – but with a difference. I added an electric guitar to the acoustic – so you get TWO Bri’s for the price of one, here !! Kerry elected to use just the acoustic – because on her live screen it might have been confusing – but here you have the full orchestra !

Brian May: Track I did for Kerry – 7 May 2020

So ! Sing with me ! And post with the #JamwithBri hashmark !

This is not a Queen song, of course – I wrote it for Kerry’s Golden Days album; like most of my songs, it was painted from life !! A Panic Attack can immobilise any one of us any time, out of the blue. I’ve already heard from many people that this song can help the recovery !!! Hope it will work for you. And Kerry’s NEXT live show is this Saturday at 6 pm.

I wonder what track I should offer her ! Any ideas ?


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