Baby Blue !


Brian May: “Baby Blue I like these…” 14 June 2020

Baby Blue ! I like these ! The first ‘Red Special’ in this colour was made to special order for my dear friend, singer songwriter and guitarist, Lynn Carey Saylor – but they have become popular now. As have the News of the World Robot design models. But what is consistently the best seller by far? The Antique Red, of course!

If you’re interested, just search BrianMayGuitars – it’s all there on the Website. Oh -!- and, as you can see, the guitar may not arrive perfectly tuned ! Ha ha ! But it will play just fine straight out of the box.

And – YES – we do make left-handers !


A message from singer songwriter guitarist Lynn Carey Saylor. She’s a true beauty – visually and sonically. Sorry, dear Lynn – I couldn’t resist that !  

Message from Lynn Carey Saylor