Only thing we can change


The only thing we can change. I’m a believer in the vital importance of a truthful and accurate history. In George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ the hero works in the Ministry of Truth – REWRITING history as recorded in Newspapers etc. So really, of course, it’s the Ministry of Lies. The resulting propaganda is what is used to whip the populace up into a frenzy, in which they never question what they are being told.

I sense a real danger of the erosion of free speech in today’s rush to tear down society as we know it. We MUST change the future – because the past was not good enough. But I believe blaming and shaming and denying history will only create further injustices.

For anyone interested in the way to fight injustice without the motivation of vengeance, Nelson Mandela’s book “The Long Walk to Freedom” is essential reading. OK – I’ll shut up and get back to music now !

BRIAN MAY: The only thing we can change – 16 June 2020

Hello Folks

No music tonight. Just a couple of thoughts.

I have been a little absent and apologies – but I’ve had to spend the last five weeks or so just trying to reclaim my health and my life and it’s coming on, and thank you so much for all your good wishes. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

After my last post when I said it’s hard to express a point of view because you get pilloried for it, quite a few of you said, “Well, what is your point of view?” So I’ll tell ya’.

I believe the only thing we can change is the future and however much we may hate the past or dislike it, will be ashamed of it, it’s not changeable, and it’s essential, it’s vital, that we don’t try to change it or sweep anything under the carpet because with all its atrocities and evil deeds and mistakes, it has to be preserved intact, and in truth, otherwise our children and our children’s children will have no idea what we were trying to do in 2020.

It’s vital that we know these things or humanity will never learn these lessons. Imagine trying to pretend that the Holocaust never existed? What a terrible mistake that would be. Imagine trying to pretend that the whole of the the last war didn’t exist or that all the appalling acts of torture and betrayal that the human race has committed – imagine if all that was covered up or changed in some way and and no, oh, we were no longer telling the truth. There would be no way of learning, no way of us improving ourselves. So let’s not go down the route of burning books or defacing works of art. We have thoughts about what should be around us, then we should sit down and talk and let’s talk with compassion and understanding and even with a sense of humour. It all has to be there otherwise we will make terrible mistakes and make this into the next bloody mess.

So that’s what I think. I think we have to go slowly and carefully and try to understand these points of view – each other’s point of view – and above all do not let us suppress free speech because everything depends on that. Once free speech is suppressed, that’s how totalitarian states are born and I don’t think that’s the route we wanna walk down.

So that’s it. Sorry a little somber, maybe, but I kinda ha d to say it. So now, knock me down if you like, but that’s what I think.

God bless you all.