‘Tis the season… Sixpences – Jolly Charles Dickens Christmas Card


Gold sixpences

‘Tis the season for gold BM sixpences ! I’m a little upset that I didn’t know these were going on sale yesterday because I like to take care of my people and I would have let you know first. They all sold out in 6 hours – and I don’t have one yet ! Well, I think there was a mix-up in the order anyway so I will try to put things to rights.

HOWEVER … I can reveal – and you are the first to know – the silver ones (actually cupro-nickel or whatever as usual) will go on sale tomorrow on QOL shop.

On sale at 9am tomorrow !!!

Stop Press !! We’re doing a special offer at the LSC based on my OWL’s NEST stereo card treasury box. The Nest comes with a selection of our own stereo card sets and a newly minted signed stereoscopic Jolly Charles Dickens Christmas card from me ! Enjoy if you will !!! No humbugs here !!

Brian May signing Victorian Christmas Card for OWL’s Nest 10 Dec 2020

Victorian Gems

Brian signs Victorian Gems

LSC Collection - Christmas 2020


With love
– Bri X