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Brian May: Introduces “Rise Up With Arts” and brand new ‘Panic Attack’ single

Hey Folks,

You might recognise this well known phrase or saying. Yes I did borrow it to write the Queen song, but of course the expression goes back a long way in the theatre world and the theatre world is now borrowing it back for a great campaign which is going on called “Rise Up With Arts”, the idea being to help a lot of elements of the theatre through this very difficult time, because really nobody else is helping.

So Kerry and I took part in a recording of a programme which is called “Rise Up With Arts”, in common with a lovely cast of people, including Brenda Edwards, … … and some great friends of ours. We did a couple of songs which you can see if you go to the website of “Rise Up With Arts”. So you can see it sometime this week – the whole concert and I think you might enjoy.

A little bonus is that we will be doing a different kind of performance of the track we’re about to release this Sunday. Come along to either my Instagram or Kerry’s and we will be launching 6pm on Sunday this brand-new track, which we’re very proud of and very excited about. It’s called – what’s it called? It’s called ‘Panic Attack 2021’ and the subtitle is ‘It’s going to be all right’, and you’ll see it’s a brand new studio treatment based on the song which we had on the last album we put out together, the “Golden Days” album. But this is quite a lot different – a lot of lyric changes – a new vocal performance – new guitar performance too. It’s quite a bit heavier so we’re hoping you like it and the idea is to give it away. So you’ll see what we mean if you visit us at 6pm, Instagram, this coming Sunday.

I will see you there, okay?

God bless