3-D Rehearsals for Astrofest !!


Brian on screen rehearsing for Astrofest

This is fun – and only possible because our dear friend Steven Young, creator of Astrofest, has completely gone way out of the box to make this happen. My eminent stereo guru Denis Pellerin has been setting this up this afternoon so we can make sure the system will work.

Many of you will be able to figure out exactly what is going on here, looking at this picture. Yes – I DO have it in 3-D !! As far as I know this is the first time anyone’s attempted to BE SEEN in 3-D as well on a webinar as showing 3-D slides. Certainly it’s a first in the noble tradition of Astrofest !

See you on line this Thursday ! The link for tickets is HERE !

Don’t forget you will need your OWL stereoscopic viewer – preferably with your smart phone attached to the back plate. You CAN watch on your laptop, and you WILL still be able to see me without an OWL – but for this lecture the best way to view will definitely be with an iPhone Plus or similar, and an OWL VR Kit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ! ! !