Zooming with The One Show – Launching new video


Yes – I will be there, Zooming with the ONE SHOW presenters tonight very soon after 7pm London time. And then I’m heading over to an INSTAGRAM feed near you – probably around 7.45 – after the TV show is finished. And there Kerry and I will do a LIVE presentation of the complete NEW mix of the video for PANIC ATTACK 2021.

Come on down !! Fix yourself a cup of tea and a cake ! And we can relax and rejoice together !!

Panic Attack 2021 live on Telly ! thanks Kerry Ellis !!!

 Panic Attack on the TV
From Kerry Ellis

Clip from Kerry Ellis

Launching the NEW video mix of Panic Atrack 2021

Yay !!!

Brian May and Kerry Ellis launching new Panic Attack video 12 April 2021

Bri X