O Moon they silver light


Jamie Cooper - Crescent Moon

O Moon thy silver light doth gleam and in my soul excite the sweetest dream … Such beauty !!

My great friend Jamie Cooper, this very evening, created this exquisite portrait of the Earth’s mysterious companion – a waxing crescent Moon less than 2 days old. Why ‘waxing’? Because in bygone days to ‘wax’ was to expand – or increase, literally or, in my memory more often metaphorically. I have been known to ‘wax lyrical’ myself. Why do we say it’s just 2 days old, when we know for sure it’s actually been up there for about four and a half billion years ? Well, because from the point of view of an observer on the Earth, it’s just 2 days since the Moon became temporarily invisible because it was positioned (roughly) between us and the dazzling Sun. So the notion has always been popular in human minds that the Moon is reborn at that point. It then waxes for two weeks until it’s full – and then wanes back down to a waning crescent for the next 2 weeks before disappearing once more into the rays of the Currant Bun.

And see here the beauty of the phenomenon known as the ‘Old Moon in the Young Moon’s arms’. That ghostly light is reflected sunlight from the Earth. If we were standing on the Moon in that night-time area, we could sings songs about Earthlight, rather than Moonlight; and how romantic would that be ? “Earthlight becomes you – it goes with your hair …” ? And finally, why do we find it so beautiful ? Well, maybe there is some shared memory buried in our genome. That doesn’t seem as unlikely now as it did a few years ago. Time for us ALL to enjoy a rebirth. OK ?

Jamie Cooper -Crescent Moon

Ah – the third is my own pic – from the window of my doctor’s surgery in the middle of Harley Street in London Town. Don’t worry – it was just a check-up to see how my antibodies are doing. And then a glass of wine to share the moment. I’m very lucky in that my doctor is one of my best friends.

Bri - Crescent Moon

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Kerry Ellis

Children and waves


Lilac frame from clip

Lone figure on road


Raising a toast

Competition - Astro April

OK ! Anybody feeling lucky ?!! Astrofest here we come – and in 3-D on line for the first time ever !! And the goodies ? Well, all made with love

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