Another gem in series – Two baby badgers – Azalea


Roger, Brian and Freddie at mic - Somebody To Love

Another gem in the series !!! Here’s the gen !

Queen: 1976 Somebody To Love – Freddie’s Greatest Hit?

“Freddie came in very well prepared with a lot of vocal parts and we just worked our way through it. Yes, there was a very good feeling. I always remember thinking ’yeah, this is going to be something great.’”
– Brian May.

This week we celebrate what is undoubtedly one of Queen’s greatest hits, the Freddie Mercury & gospel inspired masterpiece, Somebody To Love. Watch Episode 9.

Ah ! A promo clip !

Promo clip “Queen The Greatest – Episode 9”

Have a nice day folks ! MORE HERE – See Queen News

Two baby badgers, alike in dignity. A boy and a girl, rescued from a garage, yesterday, quite thin and dehydrated. But now cozy and safe, recovering with lots of nice food and TLC. For more, visit Save Me Trust.


Baby badgers 01 - parallel


Baby badgers 01 - cross-eyed


Baby badgers 01 - mono


Baby badgers 02- parallel


Baby badgers 02 - cross-eyed


Baby badgers 02 -mono

If I were going to be an Azalea, I would like to be this one. OK ? Mind you, this one needs rescuing from invasion by brambles and ferns. A job for later. Well, I guess there are SOME advantages to not being out on tour !


Azalea 01 - parallel


Azalea 01 - cross-eyed


Azalea 01 - mono