Humble Buttercup – Back To The Light – Winners LSC Competition – Stonehenge


Just a humble Buttercup. Blooming quietly on grassy bank at the seaside. But one of Nature’s Beauties for sure.

Burrwexup - mono

First parallel 3-D view.

Buttercup - parallel

Wanna free-view in 3-D ? You can do it !! Just stare ‘through’ your screens, further and further into the distance, and let the magic happen.

Then cross-eyed 3-D view.

Buttercup - cross-eyed

You can definitely do this one ! Out your finger in front of the screen and stare at it – then slowly move your finger towards your face and watch the pictures slide and drift together – til you see three pictures – the middle one being the magic 3-D view !

I LOVE HEARING FROM PEOPLE who manage to do this for the first time ! Send me your “WOW” ! And all those of you who enjoy – well, forgive the long explanation. You never know when a new pair of eyes will open !

Hope your bank holiday was nice, folks, if you had one. If not … wishing you a happy Tuesday !

Back to the Light ! As I move towards the date when we re-release my first solo album, I can see some of you are already aware ! I’m constantly in admiration of you fine artists out there, and touched that you choose to paint me. So, starting with this spectacular painting by Chiara, whose work I have now admired for many years…

Brian May - Back To The light" - painting by Chiara Tomaini
Brian May – Back To The light” – painting by Chiara Tomaini

Talking of talented people … congratulations to the winners of the London Stereoscopic Company Competition. The brief was challenging this time – to create a scene in Victorian style and photograph it in 3-D – and we were very impressed by the entries. Big thanks to all of you who took part. The decision was so hard we had to choose 2 winners ! Here we see them both – “The Last Letter” by Shelley Moore, and “The Bookworm” by Thomas Asch. We think they’re both masterful compositions. Prizes on the way ! Victorian Stereoscopy is alive and well !!!

The Last Letter by Shelley Moore

The Bookworm by Thomas ASch

The Last Letter by Shelley Moore - mono

The Bookworm by Thomas Asch

A nice picture of misself, snapped by my dear pal Jamie Cooper- who is revealed in the second shot – during our very rainy visit to Stonehenge last week. We plan to return to complete the project – hopefully next week.

Brian May with cameras at Stonehenge

Jamie Cooper with camera at Stonehenge by Brian May