A Blowie. Well, that’s what my Mum used to call them…


A Blowie.

Dandelion - 01

Dandelion - 02

Well, that’s what my Mum used to call them – the multiple seed heads of Dandelion flowers. What do YOU call them?

Of course that name referred to the ancient game of “She loves me – she loves me not …” while blowing away the seeds with breaths until none are left. And it’s one of Nature’s simple beauties. Show me a stereo photographer who hasn’t tried to capture its elusive charm ! I was bless’d with a beautiful day today [3 May] – and a moment’s peace to stop and wonder in the setting Sun.

Cheers all


ah yes – I should mention that the English name is a pretty dumb corruption of the French “Dent de Lion” – referring to the multiple Lion’s Tooth shape of the leaves. I haven’t seen many stereo photos of the leaves. Maybe none ! We should go for it !

Dandelion - 03 para
Dandelion - 04 cross