New Episode – “I see you”


 New episode !!! All about Queen in Hyde Park !! And beyond !

“Queen The Greatest” Ep10 Trailer 21052021

Brian May: “I see you” – 21/05/2021


“Folks, i had to come on here live and and say ‘thank you’ for the incredible response you gave me. I didn’t expect that. I was just putting up a few items of information about my eye op. You’ve been so kind. Thanks for all the care and sympathy that you’ve given me. I really appreciate it. I’m in good shape this morning. Woke up and it was still a bit milky in there but that’s normal. That’ll clear in fact it’s already clearing, I feel a little bit bruised, but very little, so no need to be scared of this kind of eye operation.

Some people were asking what it is. Well basically I had a cataract operation, although I don’t have a cataract, so they replaced the lens here because my focus was SO ‘out’. I had a laser operation some years ago, but it drifted a long way since then. So I had – could focus on nothing on the left eye. Now, already, I can see pretty much perfect at infinity through a slight haze.

So I’m great. Thank you so much for caring and I love the fact that we have this connection. So to all my folks, thank you, thank you, thank you.

God bless – I hope you have a great day.”

[Blows a kiss]



THANK YOU FOLKS ! I see you !!!

Bowled over by your kindness !!

Big thanks from

Bri X