One Vision !


Bri - ready for eye surgery - mirror image

One Vision ! All prepped and waiting … for a little bit of eye surgery. I’m in good hands. No need to worry. All in a day’s work … it should really improve my focus – AND my stereoscopic vision. It’s a Piece o’ Cake … eeek !

Actually it should look like this.

Bri ready for eye surgery - correct way around

It’s the LEFT eye that’s marked for treatment. A straight selfie (unless hooked up directly to a live IG or similar) doesn’t laterally invert your face – but a mirror does ! Funny … why do I instinctively prefer the raw mirror image – with my face reversed left to right ? I guess we are all so accustomed to seeing our faces in the mirror that we get used to it. Maybe that’s why most of us hate most photographs of ourselves !!!

Cheers ! Bri

And …. all done !! I really didn’t feel a thing.

Bri - after eye surgery

Big thanks to my eye surgeon the brilliant Robin Hamilton, and my anaesthetist Con, and all the lovely folks at the London Clinic who have taken care of me so kindly.