Stonehenge – Wow ! How did that happen ?


Written early hours….

STONEHENGE !!! An Ancient Wonder ! At the invitation of the kind guardians of this ancient temple, we spent this afternoon [Tuesday 25 May] working on a stereoscopic project – begun today in the pouring rain, but to be continued … Photography by Rebecca Sharpe, at whose instigation this all began, Jamie Cooper, Denis Pellerin and myself. Enjoy this awesome Rock Monument with us !

Brian May at Stonehenge 25/05/2021

Stonehenge in stereo – 25/05/2021 [Brian May]


Bri at Stonehenge - parallel


Bri at Stonehenge - cross-eyed

Wow ! How did THAT happen ?! Better get in training !!! Hopefully by then the madness will have passed. See you out there folks. ROCK !!!