May’s Wood Tenth Anniversary of the Community Tree Planting Day

Sir Brian May planting first tree © Linda Lamon 2013
Sir Brian May planting first tree © Linda Lamon 2013


It was September 28th 2013 when Sir Brian May joined the community in Bere Regis in Dorset to plant the first oak in his native woodland and kick start a personal dream to provide a safe haven for wildlife.

“It was truly one of the most memorable and different days of my life – If those trees develop into healthy adults, I will feel that I’ve contributed in a small way something significant to the rescue of the British countryside.” Sir Brian May.

VIDEO: Children from Bere Regis Primary school singing a Forever Home to celebrate the biodiversity in this ten year old native woodland owned by Sir Brian May.

Brian May’s Wood tenth anniversary

Brian's Oak © Josh Samways
Brian’s Oak © Josh Samways

Since then, the 101,000 trees and shrubs, along with newly created large wildflower strips and clover rich rides, have matured and attracted many species of insects, birds, wildflowers and small mammals that were not present on the 157-acre site during many years when it was used to grow crops.

To capture the blossoming biodiversity in 2D and 3D, photographer Linda Lamon started snapping the saplings from Day One when she joined pupils from Bere Regis School to perform the opening song for the event.

Linda Lamon © Tracy Heydon
Linda Lamon © Tracy Heydon

“Wildflowers such as Bladder Campion were reappearing naturally, along with huge swathes of Knapweed, Oxeye Daisy and many species of grasses, so the butterflies and bees were loving it!” Linda explained.

Brian May Plants First Trees in Dorset Wood 28 09 2013

Despite moving back to her hometown in Stockport two years later, nature loving Linda has made the 500 mile round trip back to Bere Regis up to 6 times a year since, to continue photographing the developing forest.

“I decided to make it my personal project as there was something unique about this wood, which has been specifically planted with trees and shrubs to attract pollinators and provide habitats for wildlife. The bright young tender leaves from the first tree shoots and the vibrant colours of those initial blossoms really took my breath away.  Like a mother watching her child grow, I’ve photographed each stage with captivating interest and learned things about each species along the way.” Linda said.

To celebrate a decade since community planting day, there will be an exhibition of photographs that Linda has taken as a timeline over ten years. The free event will be at Bere Regis Village Hall from 10am to 5pm each day on Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October.

10am – 5pm
(Official Opening with the Bere
Regis School Choir, Saturday 30th at 1pm)
North Street, BH20 7LD
FREE ENTRY & PARKING at Wild Woodbury

May's Wood 10th Anniversary Exhibition 2023

“We have so much to thank Sir Brian May and his Save Me Trust for giving us this precious facility, which is now a Forever Home for wildlife. Although parts of the wood are currently closed to the public, there are still lots of areas to visit for walking.” Linda said.


Anniversary of Dorset woodland owned by Brian May of Queen

14th September

A photography exhibition is set to take place in Bere Regis from Saturday, September 30 to Sunday, October 1, to mark the first decade of May’s Wood, which is owned by Queen guitarist ,Sir Brian May.

The exhibition will consist of photographs in both 2D and 3D forms, showing a pictorial timeline of the new native woodland, which is now a forever home for wildlife. READ MORE

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First oak tree, pictured in 2023 © Linda Lamon
First oak tree, pictured in 2023 © Linda Lamon
Brian's oak, pictured in 2023 © Linda Lamon
Brian’s oak, pictured in 2023 © Linda Lamon