Seiko have done it !!!


Very proud to announce …. It’s here !!! I never thought our first edition Red Special watch could be bettered —- but my dear friends at SEIKO have done it !!! This new gold version is so beautiful I could almost eat it ! Visit the SEIKO website to order. Again it’s limited edition, so don’t delay ! See it in close-up in its full glory !!!

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Seiko - 02

Seiko - 03

Seiko - 04

Seiko 05

Seiko - 06

Seiko - 07

SEIKO BM RED SPECIAL WATCH — The full works !!! Limited edition Gold Series – to match my Gold Series reissue solo album project. Each watch comes in a ‘Flight Case’ presentation box with a gold plated BM ‘sixpence’ pick specially minted for this issue. Phew ! I need to get mine quick !

“Yes Seiko watches mean more to me every day. i must say the more I find out about them and their wonderful attitude to what they make, their wonderful perfectionism, but they’ve been fantastic with me. We’ve had a wonderful relationship and I’m so proud of what has happened. Amazing. And it has this wonderful design. This is Version 2. As you may know it has a design which echoes the guitar itself so this piece here, this curve, is the same curve as my original guitar that i made with my Dad. So the two definitely work together and the watch echoes the guitar, retains the character that my original had very much, so I feel so comfortable having this on. And of course, this is a stroke of genius because this is the six strings of the guitar echoed on the strap. I think it makes it a very complete entity and the whole thing glows. The colour on here is enhanced by the Gold, so the warmth of the guitar actually glows more and I love it.”

Brian May

Seiko - 08

Seiko - 09

Seiko - 10

Seiko - 11

cheers folks