Proud to be guesting with Andy and the Odd Socks – Timely announcement soon – Little Bri guy


Hey young folks of all ages ! Proud to be guesting with these great guys who call themselves The Odd Socks because they champion kids being able to be odd and different and be proud. This venture will aid the Anti-bullying effort.

The single — ‘PLANET ROCK’ is released this Friday 18th Feb. Presave a copy !!! – HERE

#andyandtheoddsocks, #cbbc #cbeebies.

A timely announcement coming tomorrow ! See below for a further clue.

Brian May Gold Seiko Red Special Sixpence


Cheers !


Having fun today thanks to the brilliant Simon Lupton directing our new video for a track from ANOTHER WORLD ! But which one …?! See my little buddy in detail !!!

My little Bri Guy in stereo. Why ? I just didn’t want you guys driving yourselves nuts extracting stereos from the vid ! But then again … feel free !

Another World - Little Bri Guy stereo 1

Another World - Little Bri Guy stereo 2

Cheers – Bri