Au revoir to Britain

Bri Cybotg by Sarah Rugg
Photo: Sarah Rugg

Au revoir to Britain from my Cyborg too !


Au revoir London !!!
This little gem of a post pretty much sums up how I feel right now.



Suddenly our series of London shows is completed – 10 packed and riotous concert nights – part of probably our most physically challenging yet most emotionally rewarding run around the UK ever. And now we grab a much needed two day break, and head out to Europe for a month of serious touring. I’m excited. Very !
I wonder how all our friends all around the Continent will view us – the first time they will have seen us since the catastrophe of Brexit – surely the stupidest backward step my country has taken in my lifetime.
Of course the Daily Mail is still trying to pretend that the current disintegration of the UK has nothing to do with us cutting ourselves off from our closest trading partners. As inflation rockets, food supplies are failing, and the country is riven by transport strikes, the insanely biased Tory Press is blithely supporting an unsupportable Government, characterised by a despicable plan to deport refugees to Rwanda, a prime minister who has repeatedly lied to Parliament and his people, and the continued slaughter of tens of thousands of indigenous wild animals – the badgers – in the demonstrably mistaken belief that this cruelty will prop up a failing dairy industry.
I can already see the comments I will get for this – telling me I ought to stick to making music. But I prefer to keep trying to be a responsible human being, and speaking my truth rather than keeping silent. Bad stuff happens when decent people stand by in silence.
So I’m hoping that the next few weeks will see us at least reaffirming our own bonds with our loyal audience all around Europe, and perhaps rebuilding a few bridges as we go. Because long ago, as a band, we decided we were not only proud citizens of Britain, but also proud children of the world.

Thanks Marilyn Chaparro.
And thank YOU, guys !! 

Thank you placard - O2