The Amazing O2 – and – Great modelling !


The amazing O2 – the Millennium Dome as it was born…

much maligned at the time it was built – but due to the far sightedness and skills of those folks who converted it into a splendid arena, it’s become the most successful venue in the world. So happy to be here !!! Let’s rock !!!

This is what the O2 looks like from the business end !

Not glamorous but nevertheless very exciting. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to play TEN sold-our shows here – the stuff of dreams. And … most wonderful of all … to see so many happy faces, welcoming hands, warm hearts. Bless yo’all !!! Let’s Rock for the final night !!!



THANK YOU SHIZUKO !!! Great modelling ! How kind !!! I will treasure these guys !


Great modelling Shizuko - para
Great modelling Shizuko - cross-eyed

Great modelling Shizuko - note