LAST SHOW of our tour !


LAST SHOW of our tour ! 

This is the FINNISH LINE !!!

Huge thanks to EVERYONE who has made this the best tour ever.

Briborg - last show Finland July 2022
Photo credit: Andrew J Bytheway

And my dear pal Cyborg – who has become known as Briborg – will say farewell to public life this evening in Tampere. He had a nasty fall last night, and we have been feeling that the show is a somewhat hazardous environment for him.

So for now he will head off to quieter places and get himself a nice polishing. He thanks you for your support and encouragement.

OK ! Let’s Rock One More Time !!!


THANK YOU !!! To all who have sailed with us !!

Phew !!!!

Brian May: Thanks to all who sailed with us [Tampere] 25/07/22