Thanks Copenhagen – Birthday -Greatest Hits – Greatest Rock Band


Thanks Copenhagen for a great stay and a great memory to treasure !

The shows were warm and passionate, and the Vibe second to none !!!

Hope to see you again some day.

Brian May: Thanks Copenhagen 19/07/2022

It’s a very nice view of Copenhagen and feels very lucky to be here.  Copenhagen has been very very good to me. 

Thank you  guys. God bless.

Brian and Birthday Balloons
Photo credit: ©Mads Storm

A wonderful collection of your thoughtful messages !! Thanks so much – I feel very lucky. With I could thank every one of your personally but please know I’m appreciative of EVERYTHING I am seeing today.

—- Birthday Bri XXX

This was a nice birthday present !!! Biggest album in UK History ?!! Wow.

Thanks folks XXX.

Queen Greatest Hits album cover

Queen Greatest Hits 7M sales statementThis was also a nice birthday present !

Quen crowned greatest band of all time

Queen crowned greatest band of all time - narrative

Many thanks folks !!! Sometimes I do have to pinch myself to believe all this is happening – Jeeeez !! Grateful !

And my birthday is going very well, thanks ! Absolutely overwhelmed with all the kind messages. Thanks folks !!!


“We are here to bring you the joyous news that this album has sold, would you Adam and Eve, 7 MILLION copies, which apparently nobody has ever done before.

“Yeah. No album has actually done this before in history so the British public in their infinitely great taste have made this the biggest selling album in history.

“Thank you very much.  We are humbled and honored we are indeed and it’s actually quite good.  It’s got an inside as well.  It’s got hits on it and everything. Llovely stuff on there. Thank you. thank you We salute you.”