I haven’t been able to write…


I haven’t been able to write a post since the tour finished and I finally journeyed home. Just didn’t have it in me. It’s a very strange feeling waking up in your own bed after 7 weeks during which you CANNOT get back to your family … even if one of your dearest friends dies back home. Waking up at all the wrong times with an ache in your heart and most of your limbs aching too. Exhaustion, jet lag, and a lot of grief and disorientation – not the popular picture of the life of a life-long supposedly road-toughened rock star.

But then … seeing this man committed to his grave …. This man, without a trace of exaggeration, was a true modern-day knight in shining armour. Big man with a loud voice, a deep cockney dialect, with the roughest vocabulary imaginable – not at first sight making his heart of gold apparent … hmmm.

I’ll have to finish this post later … but mean time enjoy his favourite munchies … those words … by William Blake …”Bring me my spear … of burning gold …“

… Bri


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