Happy Winter Solstice …


Hoping I look like this today ! The reality will not be quite as good, sadly ! But I can dream !!!

Hello folks – how is Christmas sitting with you ? Once you get past about 12 years old, it takes a bit of work to be as jolly as everyone expects – right ? But we will crack this !!! THANKS @staring.at.stereos – dear Lindsay you have given me hope !!!

Brian: Hope I look like this today - by Lindsay
by Lindsay


Brian May: This is what’s known in the trade as a ‘STING;

This is what’s known in the trade as a ‘STING’ … and hopefully it will ring a bell with you guys early next year – when all will be revealed !!

I love going in the studio to make something new – like starting to write words on a crisp new sheet of paper … and in the studio I get lost. For a few moments, I’m immersed in the music we’re fashioning, and that is my entire world. Of course, sometimes I miss my pals …

Happy Winter Solstice, folks ! From now on, for those of us in the currently frozen Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, the days get longer, the Sun warms our skin, and Spring is already flexing her wings.

Onward !!!

Irresistible !!! If this doesn’t make you smile … ??? Amazing kids. Love it ! Amazing world – if we let it be so.