Mars Occultation continued


Well, apologies for this very rough view – it’s just me holding my iPhone up against the eyepiece of my little 4 inch telescope. But you can now see Mars very close to the piece of the Moon that’s in view !

Good luck out there if you’re with me !! It’s freezing here !!!


Brian May: Rough view Mars Occultation with iPhone 08/12/2022

Brian May: Explaining Mars Occultation – 08/12/2022

Well, still hand-holding my iPhone – but managed to get my 10 inch Dobsonian up and running just in time – so this is a much better attempt !

Brian May: Mars Occultation – Still hand holding my iPhone

Yeah there it is, I think I’m gonna have to actually look good in the eye when the moment comes rather than trying to film it as I know Jamie’s going to film it a lot better than I will and there’s something about just looking and not trying to photograph- but this is fun.  Wow it’s getting very close now you can almost see it moving. Wow – okay I’m gonna look now.

OK – this wasn’t quite as spectacular as a total solar eclipse – but I really enjoyed seeing a planetary occultation live for the first time. The seeing here was exceptionally good – clear as a bell – so I was able to see quite a lot of detail on the surface of Mars – which again was a first for me with my own eyes on my own turf. I’m gonna check comments to see if you guys managed to see it and how it was for you ! And then check in with Jamie to see how his filming turned out – his IG is @jamiecooperphotography

Cheers – Bri