Brian May ASTRA CARTA 28 June 2023

ASTRA CARTA – yesterday’s symposium on sustainability in space – which we might also call “accountability in space” – or simply – “How to get people to behave decently in space, so we protect it and keep it safe as part of our environment”.

As with all these concerns, time is rapidly running out because the situation is already very bad. I will have a lot more to say about this – but for now let’s all just be aware that King Charles’ concern about this needs to concern us all. MAGNA CARTA is the first attempt to bring all countries together to solve this global problem.

And all hail Col Chris Hadfield for the magnificent work he has put into this.

At the Astra Carta symposium reception yesterday.

Brian May and King Charles ASTRA CARTA 28 June 2023


Brian May ASTRA CARTA 28 June 2023