We’re driving there in a Golden Buggy ! Electric of course … Yes – I feel lucky !!! YES – I’m set to play with the incredible Jean-Michel Jarre !! YES ! Come and see us do it this Sunday May 12th on the banks of the Danube !! YES ! If you can’t make it in person, you CAN join us live on myYoutube channel – details to follow. Am I excited ? YESSS !!!

cheers folks – Bri


It’s happening !! An epic one-off !!! STARMUS EARTH with JMJ !! Join us for the live streaming on Sunday !!! YES !! It is happening !!! Bri

Back on the road …? Well, actually back in the air, and it feels good … it’s been a while. Bratislava here we come !!!

A talented artist can make you timeless …. thanks @dakotadawnstereos — yes – I guess I’m back in Instagram Land !

And of course sometimes an excellent artist can hit the nail completely on the head ! THANKS to my old friend @sarah_rugg – always on it !!

© Sarah Rugg

Yeeeeay !! Hello Bratislava UFO !!! The scene of the Derring Deed we are about to Do !!!

UFO in 3-D … are you ready ?!

UFO - parallel
UFO – parallel
UFO - cross-eyed
UFO – cross-eyed

Me and the maestro that is Jean-Michel Jarre !!! What a journey !!! Polishing the production this evening. Tomorrow … serious rehearsals !!! 😊

Brian May and Jean-Michel Jarre
Brian May and Jean-Michel Jarre

The Jean-Michel Jarre Universe is awesome. Yep – I know I look confident … but this is a giant step into a new world for me. Yeeeow ! On Sunday ALL will be revealed !!!

Time is ticking !! Bratislava will rock Sunday night !! STARMUS RIDES AGAIN. And there is a LOT going on after the opening concert – amazing stuff – in Science and Music – come to Bratislava !!! Or join us on my Youtube channel on Sunday night.

Two boys enjoying a selfie moment last night at the site of the STARMUS show. I like this !!! Bri

Selfie moment
Selfie moment

STARMUS — with JMJ – time to discuss, plan, build … I feel lucky.