Hello Epic City – Good Evening Chicago Folks !!


Hello Epic City – Chicago


Good Evening Chicago Folks !!

Prepare for a feast ! Just wanted to introduce you to these robots guys. They dominate the narrative of our new show … but I don’t want to say too much, because we like you to figure it out in your own way.

But in these days of Artificial Intelligence beginning to dominate our whole lives, these guys personify Robotic Insurgence. And you might notice that this song.

MACHINES – or Back to Humans – is the sound track to us as humans reclaiming our control (of the evening at least !) you might also notice that Freddie has a hand in leading the counter-attack. Some folks have also noticed that Freddie’s voice seems to come ‘out of nowhere’. That’s because he actually does emerge from behind you.

On this tour, for the very first time, we have a ‘Quad’ PA system – if you turn around you’ll see the speaker banks at the back of the arena. This is something we toyed with in the 1970’s – but the technology wasn’t really up to it. But now it IS !!!

I’ll be interested to hear if you guys figure out what ELSE comes out of the back speakers !!

So Freddie helps us drive out the machines in the first few minutes of the show. But that’s not the end of the story … as you’ll see.

And towards the end of the show we are looking at what we humans are doing ourselves – and wondering if the biosphere of our Blue Planet actually has a future.

But there’s more …. And hopefully we’ll keep you guessing until the very end of the show. But our rock roots are at the core of it all … and most of all, we hope to fulfil our promise … to rock you, and rock you, and rock WITH you.

Let’s go !!