My little Halloween gift – So if I never tour the States again…


My little Halloween gift ! Not without some risk — ha ha ! Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, folks !

Yes, the green spotlights were ordered specially – a kind of one-off Wicked moment ! But take a look at us playing Ogre Battle in 1971 !! Ha ha ! Thanks Sandra [@sunshineglambert] !!!

Rock on !


01 Nov 21:56

So if I never toured the States again, as might be the case, I would miss this view, I gotta say, of Chicago, the Hancock Tower, Lake Michegan. Its a beautiful view. Been coming to this hotel from many many years.

It’s a beautiful morning.Time to move on to Dallas”

Yes ! I look racked out !!! That’s the reality behind the glam ! Ha ha !

I was fighting a bad cold throughout the Chicago shows … but hopefully nobody noticed ? And … I’m fine – still ready to rock plenty more.

What saved me was ….. exercise ! Static biking is the greatest mobiliser for me … plus the hot and cold showers … and occasionally getting some sleep ! I feel I’m finding some better notes in the last couple of shows. Other than that …. Lots to say … I wish I were saying it … but last night in the show when I haltingly spoke up for Peace, I felt the room was with me.

Thanks Chicago folks … love ya.