I’m very concerned – decision to take videos down

Message from Katya.3d
From Katya.3d

Hi Folks – –

I’ve been watching this for a few days, and I’m very concerned. I’ve asked our management to look into it, and try to figure out if there is a reason for Instagram [and YouTube] and Universal suddenly becoming so Draconian. The decision to take these videos down certainly hasn’t come from us, the band. Hopefully we will get an answer soon.

Meanwhile, be extra careful and I’m sorry you good folks of good intentions have been put in this position.

Wishing you a happy Christmas season. In common with many of you, I don’t find it easy to come up to the level of frenetic joyfulness that is portrayed in the media as requisite for this time of year. But let’s all look around us, and look for ways to make other people’s Christmases as Jolly as possible. Apart form anything else, it’s good therapy!

From Magnolia_stereos
From Magnolia-stereos

Cheers all !