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Happy Birthday to my dear ol’ Dad. Long gone to the next place, of course, but always in my heart.

Brian May and his Dad, Harold May showing Red Special Guitar

And today he would have been 100 years old. But in this video he was younger than I am today. Thanks for fishing out this little fragment, dear Dereones, scraps from a longer interview which sadly is in the possession of someone who is reluctant to part with it, so I can’t see it. But this is enough to remind me so clearly of the way my Dad spoke – a sound from a world that is no more, and his body language, and his pride in what we’d made together, even though it led me to abandon his dreams for what I might become. Maybe I should write a book about my Dad – because his gifts to me were many and everlasting.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you.


This is brilliant !! Check out REUEL.

Honoured !!!




Here’s the eagerly awaited portrait of the wondrous helicopter taken by the Mastcam-Z stereo camera, attached to the mast of NASA’s Perseverance Rover.

In this immaculate quality capture, you can see the tracks of the Rover (at top right), left in the Martian soil, as it retreated after depositing the helicopter from its belly. The device will soon make the first such flight ever achieved on another planet.

You’ll see parallel (OWL) versions of this 3-D classic, then cross eyed – the stereos Claudia Manzoni and I have been proud to produce for the team. But the last one is the official MASTCAM Anaglyph – and a very fine one it is, too.

To see this in depth, you’ll need a pair of red and green glasses. Where I come from, we’ve never been very fond of anaglyphs, because of the lack of proper colour and their tendency to give you headaches, but they are traditionally the output of choice for Mars Rover missions.

It’s Manzoni & May’s mission to supply some parallel and cross-eyed versions alongside the Anaglyphs, to broaden the outreach. Either way, this snap is a killer ! Special thanks to Jim be Bell.

Visit the Perseverance site. Credit NASA/JPL/ Perseverance/Zcam/Jim Bell. This was taken on Sol 45.

Helicopter - 01

Helicopter 02

Helicopter - 03

Helicopter - 04

Helicopter - 05

Wow ! Crackin’ harmonies !!! Check out that top part !! Brilliant, Ladies !!! And thanks ! Big smile on me !!!

Thanks Stuart Morley !


Brazilians at work !! Gotta love ‘em !!! Thanks guys ! And thanks Phil Symes


The Conquering Hero

This is so nice ! Lovely polyphonic rendering of the hymn would be great enough – but then something magical happens at 52 seconds in !!! Makes me very happy to have been an influence – we are all ripples in the river …. Bravo Ketil !!! Check him OUT – Ketil Strand!!!

Turn the phone sideways [if viewing on phone] for excellent stereo sound !!!