Brian, Anita and Alegria cast
Brian, Anita and Alegria cast

ALEGRIA !!! I and my family were privileged to see this astounding and beautiful show at London’s Albert Hall this week. And thrilled, afterwards to meet these wonderful musicians who power the show. They are : Cassia Raquel, Singer in Black (@vozcassiaraquel on Instagram)
Bika Blasko, Cellist and vocalist (@bikablasko on Instagram)
Sara Formoso Fabregas, Accordionist (@saraccordionon Instagram)
Sarah Manesse, Singer in White (@sarahmanesse on Instagram)

If you get a chance to see this great show while they’re touring the world — grab it !!!

Huge respects to these truly brilliant performers. And … 11 shows a week ?! Ouch ! That’s dedication !! Respects !!!