Who is this lady ??


Mazz Murray in BMG mask

Who is this lady ?? Her perfect choice of facial attire does not mask her unique talent !

Mazz Murray graced the stage of our London production of We Will Rock You for an indecent number of years with her superlative and unforgettable rendition of the monstrous Killer Queen. For many a long year since, she has serially stormed the London Production of Mama Mia with an equally sensational take on its starring role.

And now ? In just a few days she will be revealed in a starring role in the resurrection of the legendary WOMAN group – watch this space – as a new single explodes to benefit women’s health in Pink October (or maybe it’s Pinktober !)

But RIGHT NOW in a new tour de force, she’s currently rehearsing for a gala concert performance of SUNSET BOULEVARD at Ally Pally – two special nights in front of a socially distanced audience. What a spectacle ! The icing on the cake is that she will be joined by her long-time opposite number in WWRY – the magnificent Alex Bourne. I think if you make haste, you might be able to catch a ticket. But I can’t imagine there will be seats left for long. The guest list includes composer Lord Webber himself, together with other creatives from this massively successful show. Can you resist ??

Visit Mazz’s website or IG for details.

Sunset Boulevard poster