It took me a while to pluck the courage to post these thoughts


Hi Folks.

It took me a while to pluck the courage to post these thoughts. But I believe this is important stuff. I know that many of you good folks out there are in Support anyway, but if any of you are in doubt, I have plenty of evidence to support the claims that I make in this message.

I hopefully will post a couple of things in the next few days, but, most importantly, we have just finished a documentary, which should air in the next few weeks, which contains compelling evidence that the whole business of slaughtering badgers has been a tragic mistake, and the way forward for farmers is to adopt the strategies which we’ve successfully applied at Gatcombe Farm. And the evidence that Starmer is committed to animal welfare can be found in their manifesto on the Labour website.

We – at Save Me – having failed in so many ways to bring about logical and compassionate change in the laws of this country, are pinning all our hopes on a decent, HONEST, and humane Labour Government as of next week.

There will be no better time than this to change Britain for the better.




I don’t generally engage with negative comments on Instagram. But in this case it’s useful for me to see how misinformed some people are and use their comments to put the correct information out there. These are interesting … and they highlight why I still believe in fighting for justice. Ignorance is always a big obstacle in the way of justice. TIME TO VOTE !!! And – even more important – take a bunch of decent people with you to the polling booth ! People who might otherwise not bother ! 💥💥💥💥💥 !!! — Bri

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