STARMUS VII: Opening Press Conference


The Starmus VII Opening Press Conference

The Starmus VII Opening Press Conference has taken place featuring insightful discussions led by distinguished speakers Garik Israelian, Jean-Michel Jarre, Brian May, Dr. Jane Goodall, Tony Fadell, and David J. Eicher!


And the 11 April 2024 Press Conference – here:

STARMUS VII – Press Conference | April 11th, Bratislava

Featuring an exceptional lineup of guests, including: ⁃ Garik Israelian, co-founder and Creative director of STARMUS ⁃ Jean-Michel Jarre, Legendary Musician & New Member of Starmus Board ⁃ Brian May (remotely), Starmus co-founder, Queen guitarist, and Astrophysicist ⁃ Richard Marko, CEO of ESET ⁃ Josef Kausich, CEO of VUB Banka 🔊 Unveil the exciting updates and announcements made during the conference, including: ⁃ A special announcement about a concert by the legendary Jean-Michel Jarre! ⁃ Unveiling of the Starmus Camp and City program ⁃ Exciting news on the upcoming music headliners list ⁃ A special presentation on the new partnership with VÚB banka The Starmus VII festival is set to illuminate Slovak cities from May 12 to 17, 2024, with ESET as the main partner and co-organizer/

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